Types of Short-Term Residence Permits

1.Foreigners who need to stay in Turkey due to scientific research

Foreigners who want to obtain a visa short-term residence permit for scientific reasons must first obtain a permit certificate from the relevant organizations if the research they are going to do is subject to permission, and if the research subject is not subject to permission, they must submit a statement from the research details bar. Foreigners who want to obtain a residence permit through scientific research must have obtained a Scientific Research visa from our representative offices in their country before entering Turkey.

2.Foreigners who will establish trade relations, develop or start a business

For foreigners who want to apply through this category, an invitation letter may be requested from the people they are in contact with and with whom they will establish a commercial connection, or documents related to the business they will establish may be requested.

3.Foreigners who have immovable properties in Turkey

In order for foreigners who own immovable property to apply for this residence permit, the immovable property they own must be residential and used as residential. In case more than one family member has rights over the related immovable property, other family members who have rights can also apply for a residence permit. These persons may be the applicant’s spouse, non-adult child or any of his dependent adult children.

4.Foreigners included in the in-service training program

Foreigners who request a short-term residence permit through education for service must submit documents indicating the content of the education, the place and duration of the education to be given, which are organized by the institution or organization that will provide the relevant education, during the application. The substitution permit is arranged to cover the training period.

5.Foreigners who are included in student exchange programs within the framework of agreements concluded by Turkey

Foreigners who want to obtain a residence permit from Turkey due to various educational programs must submit documents issued by the relevant institution. The residence permit to be issued in this context cannot exceed the education period and cannot be used for a different purpose. Students applying for a residence permit within the scope of the student exchange program are not required to have health insurance if they apply for general health insurance within the first 3 months. Students who do not apply during this period must have foreign health insurance and document it.

6.Foreigners who want to extend their stay for tourism purposes

Foreigners who want to apply for a short-term residence permit on the grounds of tourism are required to provide documents about where they will stay for how long at what December intervals during this period. Additional documents related to the travel plan  may be requested if deemed necessary.

7.Patients who will receive treatment

Foreigners who need to stay in Turkey for a long time for therapeutic purposes should not carry an infectious disease that may risk public health and safety as a priority. For these purposes, foreigners who want to apply must submit their admission documents from public or private hospitals.  pay for the treatment If it is documented that all the costs of the treatment have been paid, in addition, health insurance is not sought. Likewise,  health insurance is not requested from foreigners whose housing, food and treatment expenses are covered by public institutions and organizations. Additional documents related to treatment may be requested  in the applications made within the scope of this category if deemed necessary. General residence provisions are applied for the escorts of foreigners who come for treatment. Additional health insurance requirement is also not required for maximum two persons of foreigners who come as  escorts.

8.Foreigners who must stay in the country by decision of the Judicial and administrative authorities

For applications made in this category, the residence permit is issued taking into account the period specified in the request.

9.Foreigners who have lost their family residence permit because they can no longer meet the conditions of the family residence Permit

Most 3-year family with a residence permit residing in Turkey and the filled ones and newly 18 years of age, is married to a Turkish citizen with a residence permit for a family in Turkey for at least 3 years and the remaining aliens (those who are victims of domestic violence, the decision of the court in the case of a 3-year substitution is not necessary), depending on the family residence after the death of desteci supporters areas (The Strangers 3-year substitution is not required)

10.Foreigners who will participate in the Turkish language learning course

Those who want to apply for a substitution permit to learn Turkish can be granted a short-term substitution permit for a maximum of two times. If the duration of the course is less than 1 year, the residence permit is issued taking into account the duration of the course. It is necessary to register with one of the institutions approved by the Ministry of National Education, and the relevant educational institution is obliged to inform the provincial directorates of the registration and attendance status of the foreigner studying for the course.

Those who will participate in courses, internships, research or training in Turkey through public institutions

The substitution permits issued for this reason can be issued for a maximum of one year. If the expenses related to housing, food and health are covered by the institutions, the applicant will not be asked for documents related to financial resources or health insurance. Documents may be requested from the institutions if deemed necessary.

11.Among foreigners who have completed their higher education in Turkey, applicants within six months as of the date of graduation

Those who have recently graduated from higher education are granted a one-time maximum one-year residence permit if they apply within the first six months.

12.Foreigners who do not work in Turkey but invest in the amount deemed necessary by the Council of Ministers, their spouses and children who are not grown up

within the scope of the application implemented in order to encourage foreigners who can make an economic contribution to the country within the scope of law No. 6735, 5-year residence permits are issued for applications made in this category.

13.Foreigners who are Turkish Citizens of Northern Cyprus

Citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus who apply are granted a 5-year residence permit each.

Short-Term Residence Permit Periods

The duration of the short-term residence permit and the extension options vary according to the reason for which the application is made. 13. and 14. For those who are excluded from the applications made due to the articles, a short-term residence permit can be issued no more than 2 annually.

Short-Term Residence Permit Conditions

Some conditions must be met in order to obtain a Short-Term residence permit. These conditions are stipulated in Article 32 of the Law on Foreigners. It is organized according to its article and is as follows:

  • To have submitted the documents deemed necessary for the requested residence permit
  • To have general health and safety conditions and to be able to document them
  • To be able to submit a judicial registration record organized by the competent authorities of the country of citizenship or substitution, if necessary
  • To document the address to be replaced in Turkey
  • 7 of the aliens act.not falling within the scope of the article

These substances are determined within the framework of the law and may change over time. You can request information from our experts to get up-to-date information.

Refusal, Cancellation or Non-Extension of a Short-Term Residence Permit

The request for the current short-term residence permit may be rejected for many reasons, the application may be canceled or the extension request may not be accepted when it is requested to be extended. The main reasons for these situations are;

  • Failure to restore the requirements of the short-term residence permit or that the conditions have changed
  • Determination that the residence permit obtained is used outside the purpose of issuance
  • The presence of a valid deportation decision or entry ban on the applicant
  • The period of stay abroad has been exceeded

Documents Required for a Short-Term Residence Permit

Although the documents required for a short-term residence permit differ depending on the reason for applying, in general the list is as follows:

  • Short Term Residence Permit Information Form
  • Passport (Valid for at least 1 year)
  • 4 biometric photos (Taken within the last 6 months, up-to-date and with a white background)
  • Private Health Insurance (To be provided by our institution Jul)
  • Appointment and Application form (to be provided by our institution) Jul
  • Pay Jul receipts (to be provided by our institution)
  • Address Document

Documents that Can be Used as Address Documents

  • A notarized copy of your contract if you are staying in a rental,
  • If you are staying in places such as hotels, motels, hotels, hostels, a document stating that you are staying in these places,
  • If you are staying in student dormitories / institution guesthouses, an e-signed / signed and sealed / stamped document stating that you are staying in the dormitory / guesthouse,
  • If you are staying with someone you know / close to, the address registration document of the person / people you are staying with (with a notarized commitment)

The Importance of Lawyer Consultancy Service

The application procedures are renewed and changed at certain intervals. In addition, since these procedures contain a lot of detail, it will be in the applicant’s favor to complete and follow up the permit applications with the help of a consulting service. In this direction, there are lawyers who provide residence permit consulting services.

In our article “How to Get a Residence Permit?” we answered this question in detail. However, the relevant legislation and regulations are constantly being updated. It is important to follow these innovations and to apply for a residence permit accordingly in order to complete the process in a short time and positively. The changes in the laws and regulations are regularly followed by experienced foreigners’ lawyers.

It is absolutely important for foreign nationals who want to obtain a residence permit to work with a foreign law lawyer in order to determine the correct type of residence permit and to complete the documents and procedures that need to be completed in a complete and accurate manner.


VERY IMPORTANT!: Be sure to work with lawyers while getting help for your legal affairs. In order not to have problems, take care not to work with people who follow up work and documents under the name of a foreign migration consulting company.

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